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Winners Chapel launches dating app for members

A new dating app has been launched for members of the Winners chapel across the globe.
With thousands of members in different countries, the platform opens the opportunity for a global singles network.
The app will also give the church one of the biggest databases of their single members and an opportunity to send tailored messages and host online events.
The app is not for profit and space is limited.
Members will no longer have the need to join other dating platforms. Relationship and marriage is a journey and you need a God fearing partner.

The app was designed by TheSinglesNet UK, a group of IT professionals who are creating and handing over singles platforms to big ministries around the world.

A gift to the ministries as each platform cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop and manage.

The vision is for every big ministry to have their own dedicated singles platform, instead of having their members on other dating apps where some may meet people who would truncate their God’s given assignment.
The group also plans to use the platforms to raise money for the ministries as extra profits from the platform would be handed to the church.
The app is the first of its kind but unfortunately space is limited to ensure only the right people are on the app.

Should other churches also launch singles app for their members?


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