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Power outage: Pay 50% of arrears or stay disconnected – ECG to Accra Academy

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) stated that it had no choice but to disconnect Accra Academy from the national grid on Monday.

The senior high school’s campus experienced a total blackout, forcing students to rely on torchlights for studying.

This situation raised concerns among guardians and stakeholders and triggered widespread controversy about the state of utility in second-cycle institutions across the country.

According to reports, the school owes approximately GH¢5,000 in post-paid electricity bills since July 2023.

ECG’s External Communications Manager emphasized that the school will not be reconnected until it meets certain basic requirements in line with the company’s revenue mobilisation drive.

Speaking on Joy FM monitored by, Laila Abubakari explained that one of these requirements is for the school authorities to settle at least 50% of the outstanding bills.

Another solution she floated would be that “someone has to guarantee for them” that “payment will be made “within the shortest possible time.”

 “The problem ECG finds itself in is consistent debt. And every month, our debt profile is different. So we have to be more aggressive because we have bills to pay.

“We have issues so we have to be less compassionate, unfortunately,” she added on the Super Morning Show.

Meanwhile, a staff of the school also expressed worry as to why pre-paid users were also cut off if it was a matter of arrears.

But Mrs Abubakari explained that it was a strange development adding that her outfit would investigate how it occurred.