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Vote transfer: EC, NPP plotting to rig 2024 polls with agents ban – Mahama

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama, has condemned the Election Commission (EC) for denying party representatives access to watch the vote transfer process as it is now taking place.

In a Facebook post, Mahama stated that there is only one possible explanation for the EC’s decision: a plot to rig the general elections on December 7 by working with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“There is only one explanation for the Electoral Commission’s decision to forbid political party representatives from witnessing the current voter transfer process: the EC’s declared intention to assist the ruling NPP in rigging the results of the 2024 elections.”

The EC ordered on Sunday, June 2, in a note to its district officials, that political party operatives should not be permitted entry because of the violent altercations at certain transfer facilities.

In his Facebook post, Mahama disregarded an IPAC ruling, claiming that the unsanctioned decision between the two entities will fail, and instead claimed that the NPP and its leadership are well aware that the NDC will win the upcoming general elections. For this reason, they have formed an unholy alliance with the EC.

“The swift reversal of the collective decision made at the IPAC meeting last week to have political party agents present at the district offices for the transfer exercise by the NPP and the EC is not surprising.”

“The NPP is aware of its loss in the 2024 presidential race and acknowledges this internally. We also know that it is trying, as a last resort, to use gerrymandering in order to increase its prospects in the legislative elections, mistakenly thinking that it can use that to influence the votes it receives for president.

We possess an extensive roster of constituencies located in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions, as well as specific locations in Greater Accra and other regions where the NPP intends to shift thousands of voters.