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HomeNewsNewsAttorney General to debate attorneys for Richard Jakpa and Ato Forson

Attorney General to debate attorneys for Richard Jakpa and Ato Forson

The Lawyers for Richard Jakpa and Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, who are on trial for allegedly causing financial loss to the state during the procedures involved in the purchase of some ambulances, will square off against Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame.

The accused parties have filed an application with the AG contesting the mistrial allegations and the investigation into his actions. They have also accused him of egregious prosecutorial misconduct and mishandling court procedures.

In a trial that some have characterized as politically motivated, senior legal practitioners are supporting the first accused’s request for live television coverage of the proceedings.

A law lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Law named Appiagyei-Atua told JoyNews that the proceedings will be televised live and in a progressive manner.

This is a case that has sparked a great deal of interest, controversy, and debate. Therefore, I believe that it will be beneficial if it is broadcast live since it has become a topic of public attention and people want to know what the law says about it and how it will affect their life.

Prominent attorneys are endorsing the first accused’s demand for live television coverage of the trial, which has been described as politically driven by some.

JoyNews was informed by Appiagyei-Atua, a law lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Law, that the events will be broadcast live and in an innovative way on television.

A lot of interest, controversy, and discussion have been generated by this case. Given that it has drawn public attention, and that people are curious about the law’s position and how it may impact their lives, I think it will be advantageous to broadcast the event live.