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Court rejects lawsuit against GMO commercialization

Food Sovereignty Ghana’s concerns against the National Biosafety Authority’s work on genetically modified goods were rejected by the Accra High Court.

According to Justice Barbara Tetteh Charway’s ruling, the plaintiffs did not present enough proof to substantiate their allegations.

Food Autonomy Ghana and three other parties requested statements regarding the adherence of the plans to commercialise genetically modified organisms to the relevant legal and procedural frameworks.

They also sought clarity on whether the defendants’ release and marketing of Bt rice and cowpea complied with national and international rules on risk assessment and management.

The Biosafety Authority was still conducting in-depth research and community sensitization, the court said, thus no GM products had been approved for marketing.

In order to educate customers, Justice Tetteh Charway mandated that all genetically modified items on the market be labelled. She also sought pertinent information regarding Bt cowpea, which is imported from Nigeria and sold in Ghana.

The court will provide the full ruling in this 2015-started lawsuit at a later time.