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VIDEO: Military Officer shot and killed over an apparent land dispute

A violent battle over land rights at Kasoa Millennium City claimed the life of a military officer, who was said to be in his late 30s.

A sub-chief is said to have opened fire on two other officers in front of the district police station, but they barely made it out alive.

The event resulted from a protracted legal battle over property title. According to reports, one of the military leaders’ brothers bought land on their behalf.

But efforts to cultivate the property were continuously obstructed by a gang headed by a supposed land guard.

When the deceased officer and his friends went to the contested area to try to resolve the disagreement, they discovered that another group had already begun construction on it.

Tensions increased even though they tried to calm things down and call the cops in.

According to the alleged landowner, the officers decided to lodge another complaint at the Millennium City District Police Command.

However, upon learning that their initial complaint had been forwarded to the Central East Regional Police Command, they set off to follow up on the matter.

As they departed for the regional police command, the sub chief reportedly attempted to stop them. When the officers refused to comply, he allegedly drew a pistol and opened fire on their vehicle.

Tragically, one officer was fatally wounded, while the others narrowly escaped harm.

Kofi Asmah, the owner of 21st Century Construction Company, who sold the land in question, has accused the police at Millennium City of failing to address the situation effectively due to alleged corruption within their ranks.


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