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HomeNewsStereotype against TVET schools gradually reducing- Dr. Fred Kyei

Stereotype against TVET schools gradually reducing- Dr. Fred Kyei

The Director General of the Commission of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoa has revealed that stereotypes against women in TVET are gradually reducing.

​According to him, parents and people in society are getting to understand the impact of TVET as compared to initiate days.

​Dr. Fred Kyei said, initially parents did not want their children to enrol in TVET schools, but now the parents themselves call to insist on enrolment.

​He added that, according to their baseline studies, 14,000 students enrolled in TVET schools in 2017. This year is 60,000 while last year was 50,000 and this shows the perception of stereotypes is gradually reducing.

​Dr. Kyei stated interest are more in TVET schools due to the introduction of computers into the education system.

He made this statement at a program known as the “Women In TVET”, which aims to bridge the gender gap in the male-dominated Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sectors, empowering young women and fostering a supportive community for their professional growth.

The program primarily aims to connect young women pursuing careers in sectors such as energy, extractives, and construction with seasoned technical professionals for mentorship, guidance, and support.

The program ultimately wants to see young women occupying positions and/or creating businesses and job opportunities in sectors that are lucrative and traditionally dominated by men.

He added that it will be a great joy to see women occupy higher positions in TVET institutions.