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HomeNewsSheikh Shaibu applauds Bawumia for his clear stance on LGBTQ+

Sheikh Shaibu applauds Bawumia for his clear stance on LGBTQ+

Spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu has lauded Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia for taking a firm stance against the controversial Anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

According to him, both the Islamic and Christian communities oppose the practice of LGBTQ+. Therefore, he is excited that someone in a position of leadership had taken a clear stance on the issue.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Pulse monitored by on April 11, Sheikh Shaibu said, “The Muslim community is on the same page, and when matters arise, we seek to collaborate.

“The subject at the center of this LGBTQ issue and the bill that has been accepted in Parliament is our concern. It is about the survival of the family, which is the family we seek to protect, and in this particular issue, both Muslims and Christians are one. We are on the same page.

“So, we would seek to collaborate with the Christian community, having analysed the situation very well, and if we come to agreement, I mean, we could go hand in hand with the Christian community in order to seek an audience with the President to understand why the delay; whether it is a technical issue or whether, in spite of the fact that the issue is at court, the President could have received the bill on his table and agreed to it”.

This comes after the New Patriotic Party flagbearer expressed his opposition to LGBTQ+ activities in Ghana while addressing thousands of Muslims in Kumasi during the observation of Eid prayers on Thursday.

Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu also stated that the power of religion and morality should be used to ensure President Akufo-Addo signs the anti-LGBTQ bill into law to preserve the family system in Ghana.

He noted that President Akufo-Addo would lose nothing by signing the bill; instead, he would leave a positive legacy and be remembered for protecting the traditions, beliefs, and culture of the country.

The spokesperson stressed that Ghanaians must be able to trust their politicians to safeguard the country’s values.

“I think that the President should not allow this opportunity to slip by, and I support any inter-faith collaboration to put pressure on the President to assent to the bill and develop it into law.

“I think that we are ready to work together. As I speak, I speak confidently on behalf of the Chief Iman because, in the spirit, mindset and philosophy of the Chief Imam, I believe strongly in my conviction that it is something that the Chief Iman would be prepared to support us to do,” he said.