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Secret of Ahwoi’s: Martin Amidu reveals how the Ahwoi’s plan to takeover NDC

Martin Amidu took his critique of the Ahwoi family another notch higher when he released an epistle this week, particularly insinuating things about the founding members of the NDC, as well as what he described as their plot to further take permanent control of the party.

In that epistle, shared with GhanaWeb, with the title, “The NDC Sups With The Devil At The Church Street Offices Of The Ahwois And Their Cohort – John Mahama’s Running Mate Saga,” the former Special Prosecutor recalled how even late Jerry John Rawlings had some reservations about that family.

He stated, although without further details on what they shared, that Rawlings, who founded the National Democratic Congress (NDC), had his own thoughts about the Ahwois.

“I was one of a chosen few who had lunch with former President Jerry John Rawlings days before his hospitalization and never to return to our fold. I am, therefore, privy to what he thought of the Ahwois and their cohort on 28 October 2020 before his demise,” he stated.

Martin Amidu, who is also a former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, added that the outcome of that conversation days before JJ Rawlings died, informed what he said in a statement he made three years after the death of their founder.

Amidu stated in that tribute that the Ahwois were trying to completely erase his name from the history of the NDC, even after his death.

“It explains my statement in my tribute to him on the third anniversary of his demise on 12 November 2023, ten days to Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang’s 72 birthday that:

“The traitors who used their acquaintance and friendship with you while you lived to project and create political acceptance amongst your followers are still planning to obliterate your name in the NDC you founded and still remain the founder. The takeover plot of the NDC by the traitors has intensified using surrogates after your journey to our ancestors. While we live, we shall continue to fight to bear the torch you lit to emancipate Ghana and Africa,” he added.

Among the things Martin Amidu wrote in the epistle was an allegation that the Ahwoi family seems to know something more about the health of John Dramani Mahama, the NDC flagbearer, more than everyone else does.

He explained that it is the reason Kwesi Ahwoi could easily pass that comment of “prepare to be president because anything can happen” to Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, the party’s 2024 running mate.

He made this comment at a celebration party in Accra after Prof Naana was named as the running mate to John Mahama for the second time.

According to Amidu, Prof Naana’s place in the party is one that has been planted by the Ahwoi family in an attempt to execute their plans of full control of the NDC, especially since the running mate is a ‘surrogate’ of that family.

You can read the full details of Amidu’s letter below: