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HomeTech NewsRwanda Welcomes Tesla Electric Vehicles Thanks to AUTO24

Rwanda Welcomes Tesla Electric Vehicles Thanks to AUTO24

AUTO24 Rwanda, a prominent local car dealership, has made Tesla vehicles available in Rwanda.

The move comes after a campaign launched by the dealership in late 2023, encouraging customers to swap their traditional gasoline-powered vehicles for new electric ones, aiding in a smooth transition to electric mobility.

The official presentation of the first two Tesla Model Y vehicles occurred on Friday, March 22.

Ivan Ruzibiza, AUTO24 Rwanda’s Country Manager, shared the dealership’s dedication to adopting e-mobility, underscoring its importance as the transportation of the future. He also pointed out the government’s initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles and boost investments in this field.

Ruzibiza remarked, “Since its launch in 2019, the Tesla Model Y has rapidly ascended to superstar status within the electric vehicle sphere 

It showcases an impressive driving range, cost-effectiveness, and roomy interiors that comfortably accommodate up to five passengers, with an option for seven through additional configurations. Plus, it’s packed with numerous features, making it a top pick among electric vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.

The quick turnover of our initial stock merely underscores its popularity, and I am optimistic that it will equally capture the admiration of the Rwandan market with its distinctive attributes.”

In 2023, Tesla reached a significant achievement by delivering 1.2 million units of the Model Y, setting a new record as the world’s top-selling vehicle for that year. This accomplishment allowed the Model Y to outpace the Toyota Corolla, marking the first time an electric vehicle has earned this distinction.

Since its launch, the Model Y has seen over 2.16 million units delivered, positioning it as one of the most sought-after electric vehicles in history

These vehicles deliver numerous advantages, such as effective energy consumption, reduced maintenance expenses, a superior driving experience, and notable performance. In contrast to conventional fuel-driven vehicles that need regular refueling, the batteries in EVs demonstrate extended durability. Additionally, internal combustion engines demand more upkeep than EVs. Opting for a Tesla or an equivalent electric vehicle not only aids in fostering a greener environment but also boosts the country’s value in carbon credits,” he mentioned.

Ruzibiza emphasized that anyone keen on purchasing any Tesla model is welcome to stop by their offices. “We’re delighted to offer tours and schedule test drives when requested.”

We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of 100-150 electric vehicle (EV) models to meet the needs and budgets of Rwandans. It is essential for the private sector to invest in charging infrastructure to support the growing shift towards EVs.

The rising need for quick charging stations throughout Rwanda highlights the critical nature of beginning this transition now.

Ernest Bugingo, the Automotive Commercial Director at AUTO24 Rwanda, underscored the swift global shift towards electric vehicles, with the Tesla Model Y at the forefront, spurred by environmental concerns and technological progress.

He highlighted the necessity of altering perceptions around brand-new and luxury vehicles, arguing that such cars are not limited to specific nations but are available to everyone. Echoing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s prediction that the Model Y could eclipse the combined sales of Models S, X, and 3, Bugingo described its launch as revolutionary.

“The Tesla Model Y shares approximately 75% of its components with the Model 3, offering a similar driving experience and interior features, but in the form of an SUV. This appeals to a wider audience,” he noted.

At AUTO24 Rwanda, the 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range is priced at $58,000 (roughly Rwf74.1 million). This cost could vary with additional customizations or features requested by customers.

Included as standard features in the Model Y are LED headlights and tail-lights, a 15-inch touchscreen equipped with FM/DAB radio, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, and voice control capabilities.

The vehicle boasts a luxurious interior with synthetic leather seats, front seats that are heated and offer 12-way power adjustments, alongside a heated steering wheel and rear seats. Additional amenities include a power-operated tailgate, a panoramic sunroof with tinted glass, dual wireless charging stations for smartphones, and an immersive 13-speaker audio system.

It’s powered by a 78.1Kwh battery, enabling it to cover a distance of 660km on a single charge. Impressively, it can surge from 0 to 97km/h in just 4.8 seconds. For safety, the Model Y is equipped with an array of advanced features, including autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping and lane-centering assists, and blind-spot cameras, to name a few.

About AUTO24

RwandaAUTO24 operates under the umbrella of AUTO24.AFRICA is a leading pan-African entity dedicated to the procurement, refurbishment, and sales of both new and pre-owned vehicles.

Launched in the Ivory Coast in 2022, AUTO24.AFRICA has broadened its footprint to encompass Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Africa. The company is on a mission to expand its presence to an additional 15-20 countries by 2028.

Under the ownership of the Africar Group, based in Australia, RwandaAUTO24 enjoys robust support from STELLANTIS, which ranks as the third-largest car manufacturer globally in terms of revenue.

The brand’s showroom and sales center are situated at Joe House, KN 7 Rd, Muhima Sector, in the Nyarugenge District. Additionally, RwandaAUTO24 operates an office within Norrsken Kigali HouseTo explore more information, please check their official website at