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HomeNewsPassage of anti-LGBTQ+Bill will affect everyone – UNAIDS

Passage of anti-LGBTQ+Bill will affect everyone – UNAIDS

UNAIDS has expressed concern about people’s health and right over the passage of the anti-LGBTQI+ bill by parliament.

In a statement, the Executive Director Winnie Byanyima stated the bill after assented by President Nana Akufo-Addo into law will affect everyone.

Parliament on Wednesday, February 28, unanimously passed the Anti-LGBTQ+ bill following the completion of the third reading.

The bill has been a topic of intense debate and discussion since its introduction to parliament three years ago.

Proponents have argued that it is necessary to uphold cultural and religious values, and opponents are of the view that portions of the Bill violate human rights and promote discrimination.

The passage has been met with mixed reaction amidst threats of legal action if Akufo-Addo assents to the bill into law.

Wading into the controversy, UNAIDS has said the bill will exacerbate fear, hate and incite violence against fellow Ghanaians as well as negatively impact free speech and freedom of association.

The Executive Director has noted evidence shows such punitive measures like the bill a barrier to ending AIDS and ultimately undermining everyone’s health.

Also, it will obstruct access to live-saving services, undercut social protection and jeopardise Ghana’s development success.

UNAIDS had earlier rejected the bill, describing it as a gross violation” of human rights and could set back a decade of progress fighting HIV/AIDS in Ghana.

Below is a statement: