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HomeNewsParliament finally approves National Service Authority Bill 2024

Parliament finally approves National Service Authority Bill 2024

On Tuesday, July 9, the National Service Authority Bill 2024 was ultimately approved by parliament.

The National Service Authority is to be established by the bill.

It was a unanimous decision by the house to grant autonomy to the national service,

Osei Assibey Antwi, the Executive Director of the National Service Scheme, informed the media of this development and stated that national service will no longer be considered outdated with parliamentary sanction.

“This deployment for employment can only be enhanced with the current backing, especially at this time when the current management and the board have now moved into a new direction called deployment for employment.” This statement refers to a young person who is vibrant, has a future, knows where they are going, and has the policy to guide them.

“Today, Parliament has granted us autonomy, an authority endowed with powers in areas where it will foster entrepreneurship,” he continued.

“With this status in place, NSS can work towards generating a significant amount of funds internally to lessen the load on the central government, and we are confident that the President will sign it to give it official status.”