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HomeNewsNDC to give Ghanaians better digitalization system – Isaac Adongo

NDC to give Ghanaians better digitalization system – Isaac Adongo

The Ranking Member of Parliament’s Finance Committee, Isaac Adongo has outlined the National Democratic Congress (NDC) commitment to implementing an advanced digitalization system for Ghana if elected, surpassing current efforts led by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

During a public lecture organized by the Coalition for Restoration (CFR) at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) on February 28, 2024, Mr Adongo stressed the need for a digitalization strategy that minimizes human intervention in public service delivery, reduces corruption, and combats crime.

Mr. Adongo criticized the government’s digitalization agenda as limited to “stand-alone improvement tools,” arguing that it has not significantly addressed corruption or improved efficiency.

“You said John Mahama was using manual rudimentary systems and you have come to digitalize. If you have come to digitalized, shouldn’t you be better than John Mahama in corruption perception? Your best, 43 is John Mahama’s worst – 43,” he stated.

Describing digitalization as the integration of digital technologies across society and the economy, Mr. Adongo highlighted its potential to enhance security systems, stimulate economic growth, and foster innovation.

He contrasted the NDC’s proposed digitalization system with current practices, envisioning a model akin to European standards, where police could access comprehensive public records during routine stops.

The lecture aimed to analyze Ghana’s economic performance under the current administration and outline the NDC’s proposed solutions, should they win the 2024 General Election.

Mr. Adongo credited past NDC administrations for transformative communication and infrastructure projects, pledging to implement economic interventions to bolster resilience, create jobs, and prioritize local participation across key sectors.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of responsible borrowing practices to prevent adverse impacts on citizens holding government bonds.