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NDC instructs party agents to disregard the absurd directive from the EC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has instructed all of its agents nationwide to disobey and ignore the memo sent by the Electoral Commission (EC) to its district officers requesting that they not allow party agents to participate in the current vote transfer process.

The decision from the EC, according to Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, General Secretary of the NDC, is “clearly calculated to aid gerrymandering through illegal voter transfers,” and he called it nasty and ridiculous.

In a statement released on June 3, the General Secretary of the NDC further charged that the EC was in league with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to distort the process’s transparency, an allegation that he insisted had to be ignored.

Due to violent altercations at some of the transfer facilities, the Electoral Commission (EC) instructed its district officials in a document sent on Sunday, June 2, that political party agents should not be permitted entry.

The violent altercations that are taking place at several district offices as a result of the Transfer of Votes exercise have come to the attention of the Commission.

“With effect from tomorrow, Monday, June 3, 2024, Regional Directors are to notify District Officers not to permit Agents of Political Parties to observe the Transfer of Votes Exercise.”

Fifi Kwetey called for the directive’s outright resistance, claiming that its insistence is “in furtherance of the suspected devious and sinister agenda of the Commission to manipulate the processes leading to the 2024 elections.”

Therefore, the National Democratic Congress hereby orders all of its representatives across the nation to reject and refuse to comply with this ludicrous instruction from the Electoral Commission.

“This is a directive for all party structures, especially constituency and regional secretariats, to assign NDC agents to every EC district office in order to closely oversee the ongoing voter transfer process.”