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My wife sent nudes to her Dubai lover right in my presence – Erico speaks on divorce

Gospel musician Eric Oduro, popularly known as Erico, has dropped a bombshell regarding his ex-wife and the reason for their divorce.

According to the singer, he lost all trust for his ex-wife after he caught her sharing her nude photos to her lover who resided in Dubai

Erico shared on Adom TV‘s Okukuseku monitored by, how his ex-wife engages in sexual conversation with her lover right in his presence.

Narrating the genesis, he said their issues began after he was diagnosed with kidney disease, which led him to fabricate a story that he had only 5 months to live, in a bid to test his wife’s loyalty.

In reality, he had rather been assured of a six-month window for recovery.

Initially, Erico admitted his wife appeared supportive, but over time, her actions took a drastic turn.

His heartbreak came on a fateful night when he pretended to be asleep, only to overhear the sound of a camera clicking.

Upon opening his eyes, he was shocked to see his wife stark naked, sending explicit photos to her lover in Dubai.

“I was on the bed pretending to be asleep and she was on the couch. I heard the camera clicking multiple times and I thought she was taking photos of me in my vulnerable state. However, when I turned, I realized she was naked and sending the photos to a man whom she was talking to on phone. I heard her tell him if he if ‘he was lusting over her photos, he should wait till she shows him proper bedmatics”.

What hurt him the most was hearing his ex-wife assure her Dubai lover that she will marry him as soon as she is widowed, as she thought he had just few months to live.

After confronting her about the incident, Erico decided to prioritize his health and walked out of their matrimonial home and marriage and moved back to Kumasi the very next morning.

He has since gone on to make a full recovery and he said he is now fully focused on his gospel ministry.


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