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Men prefer curvy women- Research reveals

A lot of the scientific research shows how men prefer curvy women today, that is, those who, like us, are capable of being charming, friendly and communicative: these are, in fact, the characteristics that a man seeks more than a size 42.

In fact, research shows that 70% of the men prefer to go out to dinner with a shapely woman, 67% would marry her and 66% would spend a night between the sheets with her. In the ideal classification, size 46 wins, also because we curvy women are more capable of being cheerful, beautiful and maternal. In conclusion, we are beautiful inside and outside!

Here are the 6 reasons why men crave curvy women

1. Cheerfulness
Men like the shapely woman who is always smiling, a woman capable of feeling beautiful and at ease with others.

2. Tranquillity

The University of Westminster has shown how stressed men look for curvy women, who have an immediate reassuring effect.

3. The famous “curves”
The man’s eye always falls on breasts and lower backs and every man mainly appreciates the soft linesmore, those that characterize exactly us curvy women.

4. Health
Being a curvy woman, maybe with a few extra pounds (without it becoming a medical problem) is synonymous with joy of life, health and seduction in the eyes of men.

5. Generosity
A curvy woman reminds one of his mother: confident, generous, full of love to give. And we curvy women are just like that, attentive and loving towards our man.

6. Femininity
A soft woman is pleasant to the sight, touch and smell; she reminds one of cuddles and hugs one can get lostin. That’s why every man finds that kind of woman really sexy as she is also able to take life as it is and enjoy everything. Confidence and reliability even between the sheets…

The passion of men for curvy women is also confirmed by other surveys, such as the one conducted by, we “plump” women have a greater sex appeal, we know how to be more cheerful and self-confident and we know how to sweep a man off his feet with our big and prosperous bosoms and sexy rolls on our hips.

Of course, we have to be able to make the most of our curves with an appropriate look, capable of transforming our body into a weapon of seduction in which we are always at ease … and Lizalùis good at this with cute and fashionable clothes, really suitable to all of us.


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