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Man demands GH¢320,000 compensation for fathering a child for 16 years [Video]

Kwadwo Danso has played his role as father of a 16-year-old girl, only to be told recently that he is not the biological father.

Kwadwo has been in a relationship with Akua Ataa, the girl’s mother, for almost two decades.

He accepted and took responsibility from the moment Akua Ataa got pregnant till now.

But rumors started spreading that Kwadwo Danso was not the biological father of the teenager because the girl resembles another man who had traveled abroad for greener pastures.

As the suspicion became intense, Kwadwo Danso brought the matter to Nhyira FM’s Obra show, seeking support for a paternity test to be conducted to know the actual father of the girl.

In his utter dismay, the DNA test indicated that, he was not the biological father of the girl.

It came out that the girl was the daughter to the other man at a 99.9% rate.Kwadwo could not help but shed tears.

“I have consulted my uncle and we have decided to take Gh¢20,000 for each year making a total of Gh¢320,000 as spending on the child for the past 16 years I have fathered the child,” said Kwadwo Danso.

Grandmother of the girl pleaded for a reduction and the amount was reduced to Gh¢250,000 as compensation to be paid to Kwadwo Danso.

The woman at the center of affairs, Akua Ataa claimed she didn’t know the other man was the father of the girl until she was eight years old.

Yet she concealed it from Kwadwo and started collecting money from the biological father.

The biological father is yet to comment on the development.

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