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HomeNewsMahama to officially submit running mate to NDC NEC

Mahama to officially submit running mate to NDC NEC

The Leader and Flagbearer of the National
Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, is set to meet with the party’s National
Executive Committee today to submit his nomination for Running Mate in accordance with the
NDC constitution.

Earlier this morning, Mr Mahama will present his nominee to the Council of Elders. Today’s
event marks a critical step in the party’s preparations for the upcoming general elections.

The NDC constitution requires the party’s presidential candidate to nominate a running mate
in consultation with the National Executive Committee and the National Council of Elders.

Mahama and the NDC are dedicated to building a formidable team that will work tirelessly to
advance the interests of the Ghanaian people and reset the country on a path towards recovery
and a prosperous future.

Selecting a Running Mate is an important decision, and John Mahama is confident his nominee
embodies the values and vision of the NDC and will contribute to a successful electoral

As leader of the NDC, Mr Mahama remains committed to representing the interests of all
Ghanaians and building the Ghana we want together.

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