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Limited voter registration exercise begins today

The limited voter registration drive for first-time voters and those wishing to obtain a voter card will be launched by the Electoral Commission today, Tuesday, May 7.

Ending on May 27, 2024, is the 21-day exercise.

The EC’s chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa, states that the goal of the initiative is to register over 623,000 new voters nationwide.

Daily hours for registration are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. And so we arrive at the number 623,000 that we initially entered. That does not imply that we are limited to that. It was mentioned that we expected 700,000 persons to attend our registration centers in 2023.

In addition, Jean Mensa stated that the commission has made arrangements for all district offices to rent generators, which will kick in in the event of a power loss and guarantee ongoing voter registration services.

She clarified that in the event that the generators fail, the offices will go into “offline” mode, registering voters by hand and storing their information on a pen drive.

“We are making every effort; we have taken steps to guarantee that Dumsor won’t present any difficulties. We have rented generators for each of our district offices so that they can start up in the case of a dumsor.

“In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, we will, nevertheless, switch to offline mode. This entails that voters will be registered and that their personal information will be stored on a pen drive that will be duplicated in our offices upon the return of light, guaranteeing that the registration process remains uninterrupted.”