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HomeNewsJohn Kumah's mother demands autopsy, suspects foul play

John Kumah’s mother demands autopsy, suspects foul play

The mother of the late Deputy Finance Minister and Ejisu MP, Hon. Dr. John Kumah, is demanding an autopsy to settle the cause of his death.

Allegations of poisoning have been rife since the late legislator fell ill and subsequently died on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Though the allegations of poisoning have been widespread, there has been no confirmation by any expert, family or any known associate of the late MP.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews monitored by on March 8 however, mother of the late MP who could not hold back her tears, said that Dr Kumah’s death has brought the family so much pain.

She demanded that an autopsy be performed to verify if indeed the rumours that he was poisoned were true.

 She wondered why anyone would wish such an end for her son, and stressed, amid wailing, that the family’s backbone has been destroyed.

The grieving mother repeatedly pointed to the suspicion of poisoning, and said the life of an otherwise determined young man, a youthful parliamentarian with a bright future, has been wasted in his prime.

Some residents of Ejisu eulogised the late MP, saying that despite serving the country and Ejisu for less than four years, he has had a remarkable impact on the constituency.

They noted that he treated every individual with personal attention, showed respect to everyone, and his outstanding works made it seem he has been around for many more years.

They proclaimed his kindness and benevolent nature, relating to everyone as his mother, father, or as a sibling.

Dr John Kumah, passed away aged 45 years on March 7, after a short illness.

He left behind a legacy as a devoted family man, being survived by his wife, Apostle Mrs. Lilian Kumah, and six children.

Notably, Dr Kumah served as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer for the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP).