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If I’m elected president, I’ll provide tricycles to “Kayayei” workers – Dr. Ankrah

In the event that he wins the general elections in 2024, Dr. Sam Ankrah, the head of the Alternative Force for Action (AFA) and an independent presidential candidate, has promised to give tricycles to “Kayayei” workers.

Additionally, he has pledged to improve health and safety by outlawing the wearing of large objects on one’s head.

He thinks that this approach will improve the working circumstances for Ghanaian head-potters (“Kayayei”) and lower their load.

On Wednesday, May 1, Dr. Ankrah gave an overview of his plans for the Ghanaian labor market in a statement.

“Promoting health and safety through the prohibition of heavy lifting on human heads and the encouragement of safer work practices,” he said. Giving Kayayei labourers tricycles will lessen their workload and enhance their working environment.

He emphasised the significance of better working conditions, fair labour standards, and the defence of employees’ rights.

“I want to emphasise the urgent need for fair labour practises, improved working conditions, and a commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of all workers as we celebrate this day,” he said. I promise to put the welfare and well-being of workers first if elected president of Ghana in 2024 as the head of Alternative Force for Action (AFA) and a presidential candidate.

In addition, the independent candidate promised to do away with the mandatory retirement age, giving employees the freedom to choose when to leave the workforce with dignity.