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Fishermen build ‘Noah’s Ark’ [Video]

A group of Ghanaian fishermen have earned the admiration of many with a replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark they made from scratch.

Blogger, SikaOffical shared videos of their ambitious journey in a post on X formerly Twitter.

It is not clear how long it took these men to build the huge boat but their first video came public on January 29, 2024.

With little details about the community, the video captured many men believed to be fisherfolks carefully put the masterpiece together.

A new video on Friday, February 16 captured a neatly designed and painted boat being set sail as bystanders applauded their efforts.

Watch the videos below:

The Ghanaian fishermen who undertook the ambitious project of building a 21st-century Noah’s Ark have now achieved their goal and successfully launched the ark.— SIKAOFFICIAL🦍 (@SIKAOFFICIAL1) February 16, 2024


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