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HomeNewsDisclosing BVR kit serial numbers harmful- EC to NDC

Disclosing BVR kit serial numbers harmful- EC to NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) requested that the serial numbers of the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits used for the limited voter registration drive be made public, but the Electoral Commission (EC) has turned that request down.

The kits that are now being used for the ongoing exercise have been assigned serial numbers, as requested by the NDC to the EC.

However, the EC warned that disclosing the serial numbers to other parties might seriously jeopardise the security and integrity of the election process and its functioning in a statement released on Thursday, May 9.

The European Commission declared that they have taken steps to guarantee the openness of the current registration process and that they have nothing to conceal.

“There is a significant danger to the security and integrity of our registration processes if these serial numbers are disclosed to any outside parties, including political bodies. For this reason, since Ghana implemented a biometric voting system, this has never been done.

There is nothing to conceal for the Electoral Commission. It is crucial to remember that, should the request for BVR serial numbers be granted, there may be serious dangers to the safety and integrity of our voting process. Rejecting this request will prevent risks far greater than any one stakeholder concerns or interests.