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HomeNewsDigital inclusion must go with economic inclusion, says Saqib Nazir

Digital inclusion must go with economic inclusion, says Saqib Nazir

Saqib Nazir, the chief executive officer of the People’s Pension Trust, has urged those involved in the digital financial sector to consider economic inclusion while formulating plans to close the digital divide in society.

If individuals cannot afford to pay the necessary charges for services meant to involve them in the digitalization journey, he thinks digital inclusion will remain a mirage.

During the recently concluded 3i Africa Summit in Accra, Saqib Nazir spoke at the Mobile Technology for Development (MT4D) conference. He emphasized the necessity for cooperation between African industry players to create an environment where customers can afford to pay for the finest services available.

“Digital inclusion is revolutionizing our way of life, but we all know there are still challenges to be solved, including reliable internet connectivity, which keeps us from taking full advantage of the digital economy. Economic inclusion has been discussed frequently in addition to financial inclusion.

“We can provide loans, savings accounts, and pensions to the impoverished, but are they truly able to afford it? Consequently, we need to work together to create an environment for business where everyone makes enough money to pay for the services and cover their expenditures,” he said.

He emphasized that digital inclusion will continue to be an issue if carriers refuse to pay for these services.