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HomeTech NewsChief Digital Officer of MTN Ghana requests inclusive digital access for Africans

Chief Digital Officer of MTN Ghana requests inclusive digital access for Africans

Chief Digital Officer of MTN Ghana Dario Bianchi has emphasized the need for a just and equitable digital future in Africa and the importance of giving everyone equal access to opportunities.

In her discussion of MTN’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Bianchi emphasised the company’s objective of granting everyone access to the benefits of a modern, connected life.

In the course of a panel discussion focusing on “Shaping an Equitable Digital Future for Africa,” he made these significant remarks during the Mobile Technology for Development session at the 3i Africa Summit in Accra.

Bianchi underlined MTN’s ongoing efforts to offer digital products and services to a broad spectrum of consumers across several sectors.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a modern, connected life,” he stated, speaking on behalf of MTN. “We are constantly thinking of innovative and creative ways to reach out to people across all industries and areas and provide them with digital products and services.”

Bianchi concurred that industry collaboration is essential to establishing an equitable digital future. He underlined the importance of fintech companies, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies working together to design and implement successful digital solutions.

He said, “There is still a long way to go, but with cooperation between fintech, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies, we will be able to design the right solutions to make digital services more accessible.”

In order for everyone to benefit from technological advancements, he called for collaboration in addressing the challenges and roadblocks preventing digital inclusion.

However, Bianchi’s comments emphasised MTN Ghana’s dedication to fostering a friendly online community.

His insights highlighted ongoing programmes and future plans aimed at creating a more equitable digital environment for all Africans.

As the discussion about building an equitable digital future rages on, MTN Ghana is at the forefront of supporting equality and innovation in the digital world.

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