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Business associate of AT Ghana’s new investor wants Africa recolonized

Erik Prince, an American businessman and the founder of the private military company Blackwater, is calling for the recolonization of Africa due “bad leadership”.

In a video gone viral on social media, Erik Prince stated that African countries are incapable of governing themselves and they may need to be “recolonised“.

Erik Prince, who is widely regarded as mercenary, is reported to be a close business associate of Ian Hannam, the businessman whose company, Hannam Investment recently secured 85% shares in a joint venture that is recapitalizing AT Ghana with a reported $150 million.

In 2020, Ian Hannam was reported to have set up a secret meeting between Erik Prince and the Vice President of Venezuela about the resources of that country. 2020

Erik Prince has been called out for his comments. But his association with Ian Hannam should be of concern to the government of Ghana, which holds 15% in the JV with Hannam for the AT Ghana recapitalization.