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Blame yourself for creating High Tax regime- Minority Leader fires Bawumia for scathing attacks on GRA

The Minority in Parliament led by Hon. Cassiel Ato Forson has called on the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to blame himself for creating high tax regime instead of scathing attacks on workers of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and condemning them for merely performing their statutory duties.

According to the Minority Leader, it is shocking to note that Dr. Bawumia had the audacity to single out GRA workers for attack and condemnation after their government had imposed a lot of taxes on businesses and Ghanaians.

The call comes after Dr. Bawumia expressed concerns over the GRA’s alleged harassment of businesses under the guise of tax collection during a discussion with members of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday, March 20.

The NPP flagbearer attributed the current situation to the GRA’s practice of setting unrealistic targets for its officers, resulting in excessive taxation of existing businesses.

Meanwhile, the Minority caucus in Parliament led Hon. Cassiel Ato Forson says the Vice President should be blamed for such an outrageous taxes in the country.

He stated that government’s huge appetitie for taxes has created a high tax regime which has made the country unattractive for doing business. It is therefore not surprising that many businesses in Ghana are relocating to other countries in the West African sub-region.

He emphasized that instead of blaming GRA workers, Bawumia should take responsibility for the
regressive and crippling taxes that his government has imposed on his watch as the
Chairman of the government’s Economic Management Team.

“It is hypocritical and deceptive on the part of Alhaji Bawuima, the key architect of the
government’s economic policies, to blame innocent GRA workers for the fallouts of a
high tax regime after his government has sponsored, motivated and marshalled the
numbers of the Majority Caucus in Parliament to fight tooth and nail to pass
regressive, punitive, draconian and insensitive taxes”, he added.

Ato Forson says it is absurd that Bawumia, who approves economic policies including tax
proposals at meetings of the Economic Management Team as well as justifies them at
Cabinet meetings, has turned round to blame workers of GRA for the country’s high
tax regime.

It was precisely because of the adverse impact of these taxes on businesses and the
people that the NDC Minority Caucus in Parliament resisted the draconian taxes and
voted en bloc against them, he revealed.

Already, we have served notice that the NDC Minority Caucus will bring a Private
Member’s Bill to remove e-levy, emission tax and betting tax, Hon. Ato Forson assures.

The government has finally agreed with us to abolish these taxes, except that while
Dr Bawumia wants that done in the future, the NDC Minority Caucus wants the
removal of the taxes now!