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HomeNewsBawumia is hallmarked by humility, temperance requisite for leading Ghana - Kufuor

Bawumia is hallmarked by humility, temperance requisite for leading Ghana – Kufuor

The Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia “is definitely on a mission determined by destiny. “He is a man of destiny”, former President John Agyekum Kufuor has said.

“Please let us all accept him to continue [as President of Ghana]. We are having to be living in times where the whole world is in a flux, [and] leadership is very, very scarce, quality leadership,” Mr Kufuor added.

“If anybody aspire to be a leader without command of the new technologies, like digitalisation and also without a deep grasp of geopolitics, old disciplines like say economics, politics and all that, I tell you, he may be found wanting sooner or later,” Mr Kufuor said on Wednesday evening [Feb 7, 2024].

He was speaking at the auditorium of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), where he had gone to listen to Dr Bawumia’s public lecture on the theme, “Bold solutions for the future.”

Testifying and canvassing for support for Dr Bawumia to be given the chance and voted for as President in the upcoming December 7 presidential election, Mr Kufuor said: “this young man [Bawumia] has these instruments under his belt, digitilisation, geopolitics and additionally, we’ve seen him perform loyally under President Akufo-Addo and he has also been in public view since he got selected as the vice presidential candidate [of NPP] in 2008.”

“He is hallmarked by humility and the temperance requisite for the job of leading Ghana on the way forward,” former President Kufuor said.

To him, “Ghana has come to the crossroads, and I am serious here, it is not the normal regular politics we want. We want a leadership with a vision, even in the complex world, a leader who will be able to match up with the new technologies to pick the requisite manpower.”

“And here, allow me, I am a party man…, I tell you, we should be talking about the nation and not so much about the party.”

“We must get people of competence to work with him, to find our way out of the confusion our society and economy has been plunged into. I wouldn’t blame any side, look at the track records of all parties and I tell you, you can’t find one that can say that in their time they were excellent or superb, no. We are in a new situation.”

“The time has come for this man, and I like the theme that is pasted on the wall, – Bold solutions for the future. Mr Kufuor said without understanding the new technologies and knowing geopolitics, and without commitment for the nation to secure a decent and dignified niche in the global context, “we will continue to wallow…”

“… on the arena of presidency now, it seems this man [Bawumia] for this time is the best for Ghana and I am appealing to the whole nation to give him the chance to come … he is truly the man of the moment and Ghana must accept him,” Mr Kufuor added.