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HomeNewsAudio: John Boadu defends Ahwoi on ‘anything can happen’ comment 

Audio: John Boadu defends Ahwoi on ‘anything can happen’ comment 

The Former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has seconded Kwesi Ahwoi for urging the National Democratic Congress (NDC) running mate, Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang to prepare to be President.

In a panel discussion on Peace FM, on March 27, 2024, Mr. Boadu said Mr. Ahwoi spoke the truth which aligns with constitutional principles.

According to John Boadu, there was no need for Mr. Ahwoi to retract his statement or issue an apology.

“Consider what Kwesi Ahwoi said. Psychologists would argue that there is no such thing as a slip of the tongue, and this is because of our constitutional framework.

“It dictates that if a sitting President passes away, the Vice President will assume office. Therefore, it is inevitable…

“In my opinion, he has spoken the truth, and perhaps we should revisit our constitution, although I am uncertain what changes could be made. It is precarious for our country to have the vice president ascend to the presidency upon the death of the incumbent.

“Hence, I believe an apology is unnecessary because the context is justified,” he explained.

Kwesi Ahwoi stirred controversy at an event honouring Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang when he urged urged to prepare for the presidency because ‘anything can happen’.

During a toast, Ahwoi recounted the circumstances leading to John Mahama assuming the presidency in 2012, urging Prof Opoku-Agyemang to prepare herself for a similar scenario.

“John Mahama was not prepared to be president initially, but fate intervened, and President Mills had to make way for him. Anything can happen, so Naana, be ever prepared as your motto says, anything can happen, and you can become the President of the Republic of Ghana,” Ahwoi said in a viral video.

Listen to John Boadu’s comments.