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HomeNewsAnti-LGBTQ+ bill was absurd and shouldn't have been approved- Sam Okudzeto

Anti-LGBTQ+ bill was absurd and shouldn’t have been approved- Sam Okudzeto

Sam Okudzeto, a member of the Council of State, has stated that he is against the anti-LGBTQ+ bill’s passing.

He argued that such legislation shouldn’t have been introduced in the first place and questioned both its necessity and appropriateness.

According to Mr. Okudzeto, the state has no right to meddle in the private matters of consenting adults.

During a Wednesday interview with TV3 monitored by, Mr. Okudzeto questioned the belief that there is a connection between personal relationships and the overall economy.

He emphasised the value of individual liberties and the right to privacy in his argument against putting government control over what adults do in their private areas.

Additionally, Mr. Okudzeto questioned the clergy’s only focus on homosexuality as a sin that calls for legal punishment.

He questioned if the clergy addressed other sins listed in the Bible with the same vigour and initiative.

He maintained that the emphasis on laws that discriminate against LGBTQ+ people divert attention from pressing socioeconomic issues that concern all Ghanaians.

“Even the churches, who are frantically pleading with the president to sign the law, have been coerced into doing so by us. What have they been doing about all the sins that are stated in the Bible? Are they the only LGBTQI people they have seen? We talk about corruption all the time; everyone is implicated in it, from the messenger to the top.

Is it my business when a man and woman go to sleep in the bedroom? What impact does it have on the economy? In what way does that cause me to stop eating? Does that have an impact on my learning? I also hold a very different opinion. I believe the idea itself is wholly unrelated to the problem. Someone seated with a man has our attention.

The anti-LGBTQ measure, also known as the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values bill, was unanimously approved by parliament on February 28.

The bill’s transmission to President Akufo-Addo for his approval has been delayed due to two persons contesting its constitutionality.