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Alan promises to improve economic fortunes of citizens

The Leader and Founder of the Movement for Change, Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, has said his Great Transformational Plan (GTP) will dig the country out of its perennial economic quagmire into an industrialised nation that will benefit all.

He said his zeal to become the President of the country was premised on the failing economy and the jittery of majority of Ghanaians on their worsening economic conditions.

“I have assembled the best brains and talents to formulate a plan to help Ghanaians escape from poverty,” he stated when his outfit, the Movement for Change, organised a ‘National Economic Summit’ at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra last Friday.

The summit, which brought together stakeholders in the socio-economic sector of the country, saw in attendance the General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress, Dr Yaw Baah; the former presidential candidate of the Convention Peoples Party, Dr Michael Abu Sakara Foster; an Economist, Dr John Kwakye, and other important dignitaries.

Beyond manifestoes

Mr Kyerematen highlighted the collective desire among Ghanaians for a national development agenda that transcends partisan manifestoes.

The Former Minister of Trade and Industry expressed concern that partisan manifestoes had been a hindrance to the country’s development over the past three decades.

Emphasising Ghana’s abundantly endowed human resources, he asserted that the influence of partisan manifestoes had impeded the tapping of these resources for national development.

To address this issue, Mr Kyerematen revealed that he had assembled a team of experts to deliberate over a non-partisan national development plan aimed at fostering economic growth.

This initiative, he explained, aligned with the Great Transformation Plan (GTP), a comprehensive strategy devised to guide the country’s progress under his leadership.He underscored that the National Economic Summit served as a platform for reflecting on this new path toward prosperity for Ghanaians.

He called for a collaborative, non-partisan approach to shaping Ghana’s developmental trajectory.

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