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The Mobile Money Advocacy Group Ghana (MOMAG) and Momo Agents are up in arms with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for imposing E-levy on agent SIM cards.

They argue that, this levy amounts to double taxation for their businesses.

Despite engaging in discussions with the GRA to address their grievances, MOMAG said no satisfactory resolution has been achieved.

The additional levy, coupled with the existing 10% income tax on transactions, is significantly impacting the financial viability of their operations, according to MOMAG.

In a statement released on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, MOMAG revealed the urgency of the situation.

According to them, failure to promptly rectify this issue could lead to severe financial losses for their members.

The Association urged government, particularly the Ministry of Finance, and other relevant stakeholders to intervene and compel the GRA to reconsider its stance.

Signed by the National Secretary, Kingsley J. Amoako-Atta, the statement reveals the overwhelming burden imposed by the E-levy on Agent SIM cards and the 1% levy on all Push and Pull transactions from banks.

MOMAG warned that if their concerns are not addressed, they may resort to drastic measures such as shop closures and demonstrations.

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