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3i Africa Summit: To increase digital coverage, Africa’s carriers need to lower data costs- MTN Ghana CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTN Ghana, Stephen Blewett, has called on telcos and smart device dealers in Africa to work towards lowering the cost of data and data-enabled devices to improve increase data coverage, especially in rural and low-income areas, in an effort to increase digital literacy.

He thinks that even though all industry statistics show that Africa’s fintech sector is expanding quickly, vulnerable groups—women in particular—continue to be unable to access the internet due to poor infrastructure, high data and smartphone costs, and a lack of training in digital skills.

This keeps adoption and innovation in Africa behind the rest of the world. Stephen Blewett claims that Africa is ready for a digital revolution that could fundamentally change people’s lives, economies, and business practices. The continent’s fintech and digital businesses have grown quickly in recent years.

In terms of mobile banking transactions, services, and accounts, Africa leads the world. Fintech has made it possible for millions of unbanked people to access financial services in locations where traditional banking services are not offered. Every year, more than $830 billion worth of transactions are made across more than 760 million accounts across the continent, the speaker said.

If internet and data-enabled gadgets become more affordable, he is convinced that Africa will be the global leader in mobile innovation and adoption. He continued, “This will also increase digital literacy and broaden data coverage.”


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