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20 Women Graduate from Slamm Foundation, ISC2 Cybersecurity Programme, Aiming to Bridge Gender Gap

In a significant stride towards enhancing gender diversity in the tech sector, 20 women have graduated from the certified cybersecurity program by the Slamm Foundation and (ISC2).

Despite the industry’s growth, women remain underrepresented, holding less than a quarter of the cybersecurity workforce, and underscoring a persistent gender gap in this critical field.

However, there is optimism for the future, with forecasts indicating that by 2025, women will occupy 30% of cybersecurity roles, projected to rise to 35% by 2031.

The collaborative effort between the Slamm Foundation and ISC2, under their ‘One Million Campaign’ initiative, aims to expedite the realization of this objective by advocating for increased female participation in cybersecurity.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Francisca Boateng, Chief Operations Officer for Slamm Technologies, underscored the significance of such initiatives, reaffirming the organization’s commitment to fostering gender equality in the cybersecurity community.

She stated, “The success of these 20 graduates is a testament to what women can achieve in tech when provided with the right opportunities and support.”

Training & Networking

The week-long intensive training not only covered courses on ‘Certified Cybersecurity’ but also encompassed topics such as Security Principles, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Access Control, Network Security, and Security Operations. Beyond the curriculum, participants from diverse backgrounds had the opportunity to network and engage in various activities aimed at fostering camaraderie and motivation.

To ensure effective training, a team of diverse cybersecurity experts was enlisted. Prince Carl Tuffour Frimpong, Head of IT Training Support and Services at Slamm Technologies, emphasized the importance of bridging the gender gap, highlighting the abundance of vacant positions in Information Technologies and Cybersecurity awaiting women. Other experts involved were SOC Analyst Belinda Manieson and Lead Facilitator, Habib Ibrahim.

To assess the participants’ comprehension, they were divided into groups and tasked with debating topics and videos covered during the training. Participants were also given free vouchers to be able to receive a certified certificate to validate their participation after passing the ISC2 CC Exams.

Dwan Jones, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at ISC2, congratulated the graduates for their dedication and encouraged them to continue pursuing careers in cybersecurity.

She expressed ISC2’s pride in being part of the program’s journey, emphasizing its role as a stepping stone for participants in the cybersecurity profession.

“We at ISC2 are happy that to have been a part of the programme and it just a first step in what you are going to do in your cyber career and we are excited to be able to offer this training and for it to be again one of the first steps. We know that you will forge ahead to break barriers and become a huge part of the global cybersecurity profession,” she said.

Shared experience

The graduates shared their transformative experiences and the impact of the training on their career aspirations.

“As a participant, I would say this has been the best cybersecurity training I have ever attended, and I am very well prepared to take the exams, pass them, and advance to the very next level in cybersecurity,” said Mabel Korkor Ocansey.

Emmanuella Baaba Koomson also noted that: “This program has been life-changing. It has not only equipped me with essential cybersecurity skills but has also boosted my confidence to pursue a career in a field I am passionate about.”