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HomeNewsYendi MP apologizes for attack on Citi FM reporter

Yendi MP apologizes for attack on Citi FM reporter

Farouk Aliu Mahama, the Member of Parliament for Yendi, has expressed regret for the assault on Mohammed Aminu M. Alabira, the Northern Regional Correspondent for Citi TV, which occurred during the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary primaries in January of this year.

Mr. Aliu Mahama and his followers are said to have attacked Mohammed Aminu when he was reporting on the mayhem that interrupted the polls in the Yendi constituency.

Tuesday, May 7, saw the issuance of a press statement by Mr. Farouk Mahama, in which he conveyed his remorse for the occurrence and called it sad.

The Yendi MP also promised that a similar situation will never occur again.

He reaffirmed his dedication to fostering a civil and productive political atmosphere and denounced all types of violence, particularly directed at the media.

Mr. Farouk Mahama emphasised the importance of the media in Ghana’s democratic society and the necessity to support them in carrying out their duties.

“I am writing to convey my deep apologies for the recent event that took place during the Yendi NPP parliamentary primaries. The assault on everybody, including your correspondent, was really sad and regretful.

“I have always advocated for a nonviolent and positive political atmosphere, and I categorically denounce any kind of violence, particularly directed against the media. I have always believed that violence or anything similar has no place in our society,” the Yendi MP stated.