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Koku Anyidoho to Launch Volta Resistance Movement

In response to recent attempts to undermine the legacy of Jerry John Rawlings and marginalize the voices of Voltarians within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, a prominent figure within the party, has announced the formation of the Volta Resistance Movement.

The Volta Resistance Movement aims to serve as a bulwark against efforts to tarnish the solid name and legacy of Jerry John Rawlings, a revered figure in the Volta Region and a founding father of the NDC. Anyidoho emphasized the importance of preserving Rawlings’ legacy and ensuring that his contributions to the party and the nation are duly recognized and respected.

Furthermore, the Volta Resistance Movement seeks to combat attempts to treat the Volta Region as a mere pawn in electoral politics, where sentiments are stirred up during elections to secure votes without addressing the region’s genuine concerns and aspirations. Anyidoho highlighted the need to empower Voltarians to assert their agency and demand accountability from political leaders who seek their support.

Additionally, the movement aims to resist the manipulation of unknown Voltarians to undermine the influence and legitimacy of prominent figures from the region. Anyidoho emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity among Voltarians, urging them to stand together in defense of their interests and values.

The launch of the Volta Resistance Movement comes at a critical juncture for the NDC and the Volta Region, as the party grapples with internal divisions and external pressures. Anyidoho expressed his commitment to leading the movement and mobilizing support from Voltarians and allies across the country to confront the challenges ahead.

As the Volta Resistance Movement gains momentum, it is poised to become a powerful force for change within the NDC and beyond, advocating for the rights and dignity of Voltarians and upholding the principles of justice, equality, and solidarity.

It must be stated without any equivocation that the VRM is NOT fighting any of the other Regions in Ghana.

Indeed, with the needed support of all the other Regions and those who believe in preserving the solid legacy of Jerry John Rawlings, the VRM is leading a genuine crusade to preserve the NDC beyond the parochial desires of a few persons who have obviously outlived their usefulness in the scheme of NDC and Ghana politics.

It is on record, and a matter of public knowledge that when Koku Anyidoho served impeccably as Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, on countless occasions, he left his base in Accra and anchored himself to the Volta Region – holding earth-moving Press Conferences in defiance of the NPP and in stoic defense of his beloved Volta Region.

Ipso facto, Koku’s genuine love for the Volta has not been, and is not in doubt and the VRM is just another means of Koku leading his Home Region out of shades of “schemed darkness” for the darkness to “give way” to light.


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