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52,133 Candidates participate in TVET exams

52,133 final-year technical, vocational, and training (TVET) students nationwide are taking part in the 2024 Certificate II Examinations.

Comparing the number to 32,402 from the previous year, it shows an increase of 19,731 (or 60.89 percent). There are 14,575 female candidates this year compared to 37,558 male candidates. The exams were scheduled to start on July 1, 2024, and end on August 2, 2024.

As per the distribution, 3,791 students would take the Certificate II Examinations of the former National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), while 45,459 candidates would be tested for the Certificate II Examinations.

In the remaining technical exams, 616 students would sit for the Technician Part Two Examination, while 587 candidates would participate in the Technician Part I Examination. 206 candidates would write the pre-tertiary diploma paper, and 375 candidates would write the Technician Part Three Examination.

A total of 506 candidates would take part in the Advance Examination after 593 individuals took part in the Diploma in Business Studies Examination.

The Director-General of the Commission for TVET, Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah, sent the TVET pre-tertiary candidates a message of goodwill, saying, “I would like to extend my warmest regards to you all as you undertake your final assessment at this stage of your career.”

He stated that the activity held significance for the candidates as they transitioned to the subsequent phase of their lives.He underlined, “It is my hope and prayer that you achieve success.”

In a similar move, the CTVET said that this year would see a repeat of the test serialisation that was essentially implemented last year as part of the 2023 May/June Certificate II Examinations.

Through a national quality assurance system that accredits training providers, facilitators, assessors, and internal verifiers to conduct and assess competency-based training courses, CTVET has been working to improve TVET assessment.

The statement read, “We pray and hope that every student succeeds so they can advance academically or enter the workforce.”Every test that the CTVET administers is serialised.

This exercise aims to ensure that examination cheating and question leakage are either limited or completely eliminated.Candidates in the same test room may receive the same questions through serialisation, although the question numbers on each series may differ.

Beginning with the 2023 Certificate II Examinations and other examinations for technical students, the CTVET altered the grading standards of its Certificate II Core and Elective examinations last year.

The goal was to make sure that the CTVET’s credentials were equivalent to those from other testing organisations, like the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), in terms of grading.

Prior to it, a candidate received a distinction on the CTVET exam if they scored between 75 and 100 points, a credit if they scored between 74 and 55, and a pass if they scored between 54 and 40 points.

However, under the new grading scheme, a candidate who received between 75 and 100 marks would receive A1, 70 to 74 B2, and 65 to 69 percent B3. Candidates who score between 60 and 64 receive C4, while those who score between 55 and 59 and 50 and 54 receive C5 and C6, respectively.

A candidate receiving a score of 45–49 percent receives D7, whereas a candidate receiving a score of 40–44 percent receives D8. Furthermore, F9 is awarded to candidates with scores between 0% and 39%.